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Office of the Inspector General

Inspector General's Letter

Welcome to the District of Columbia Office of the Inspector General (OIG).

The mission of the OIG is to promote economy, efficiency and effectiveness in the programs and operations of the District of Columbia government. In carrying out its mission, the OIG, among other things, strives to detect, investigate and deter mismanagement, fraud, waste and abuse in the District government by means of audits, inspections and investigations. Because any government will not be any more responsible or effective in performing its duties than those who participate in that government either directly or indirectly, the OIG relies heavily on the vigilance, assistance and involvement of all, including District government employees, private citizens and the press and media in carrying out its mission. In short, we all have a role in this endeavor.

Accordingly, this website is designed to educate you about the OIG - to let you know who we are, what we do (inclusive of what authority we have and donít have, such as not being authorized to mandate actions by governmental units or having direct access to records/documents of the courts and the city council, as we do with other city agencies or components), and how you can contact us and acquire information, including by way of Freedom of Information Act requests. For these reasons, all, including the press and media are strongly encouraged to routinely view the reports and other information on this OIG website to become familiar with the breadth and depth of the work of the Office of the Inspector General and to ensure that all of us are constructive and responsible members of our community and society functioning from facts and not from conjecture, speculation, inference or innuendo. A task that becomes all the more challenging during times, among other things, of economic downturn and staff reductions.

In the foregoing vein, it is important to note that in the performance of our respective roles, an enlightened and responsible community or society will not only be a truly significant element but is a key ingredient in ensuring the effectiveness and efficiency of our government so that together, we can, as in the words of that old adage, not curse the darkness but light a candle, by working together to make the District government truly an entity that does the most good for all of its residents.

Charles J. Willoughby
DC Inspector General